About Us

Maral Tourism Group is a Turkish company based in Istanbul. It is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and A class TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies).
Since its establishment, the company's management has sought to adopt the highest standards and the highest international standards for travel and tourism companies, and sought the hallmarks of excellence so that its program is to provide the best services to its customers, and distinguished its position to take its place among the established companies.
The company sought to build the best relations with the most reliable companies in the world. It has built bridges of relations with the Hajj and Umrah service companies in the Holy Land to provide the best programs for them to achieve the objectives of the rituals by selecting the best trained trainees to implement all programs.
The Company has activities in the following businesses:

1 - Organization and implementation of the finest programs for religious tourism in Hajj and Umrah.
2 - Providing the best tourism programs in Turkey, through the adoption of the best hotels and tourism programs and modern means of transport.
3. Provide and implement programs in commercial tourism, industrial and therapeutic tourism.
4. Sell airline tickets to all over the world.
Our vision: Look for the hallmarks of excellence as a platform for our companies.
Our mission: To provide the best programs to our valued customers through the accuracy of the selection of programs and their management by competent staff.

Tourism . Hajj & umrah . medical tourism

Why Choose Us

Our company is licensed

Our company is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Tourism and the Federation of Tourism Agencies of Turkey TURSAB

Professional Staff

We have a qualified and trained staff aiming to provide the best service to the customer

Best Price

Our company offers you the best prices in the market for the best service

What Customers Say

  • Very good organization, the hotel has an excellent location, close to Al Haram and excellent eating and transportation options.

    Abdullah Shahin
    Hajj Customer- 2018 Season
  • I performed Umrah for the second time with Maral, excellent service from start to finish and high organization. I thank them for this effort and, God willing, they will be my choice to perform Hajj in the future.

    Fehmi Aslan
    Umrah Customer- 2019 Season
  • We saw Istanbul's true beauty with our trips, thank you with all my heart for the good treatment and attention to detail from the moment we arrived from the airport until we left.

    Mustafa Murat
    Our customer from Saudi Arabia